• Monday, February 6, 2023


UKFT are the UK’s largest fashion and textile network. As part of the company network, UKFT Academy was created to support high-quality training in the industry, providing engaging content and essential skills to those looking to start a career or progress in textiles.

UNBXD was approached by UKFT collectively with the task of creating a new brand identity and websites for 3 of their businesses including an Online LMS (learning management system) called UKFT Academy.

Once we completed a full brand identity process, our design and development team worked closely together, creating bespoke UI/UX design that fit a user-friendly course experience while keeping with the UKFT brand. Once the UI/UX was finalised, our development team transitioned the designs into a functioning LMS platform rather than an information website.

Users are given the ability to create accounts with payment plans, complete modules/courses and review their progress throughout their e-learning. Each course includes video content, industry knowledge, quizzes, assessments and user-generated content uploads.

To ensure the LMS achieved everything UKFT were looking for, we also implemented skill badges and skill certificates that the customer could gain throughout their e-learning.

The website has been initially launched with the production sewing machinist programme, which includes seven courses combining online and practical learning, as well as nine multi-level subscriptions for different user types.

We couldn't be happier with how this turned out.  Check out the website for yourself by visiting https://ukftacademy.org OR Get in touch with a member of the team today to discover how we can transform your website.