Why should you get a VPN with UNBXD Host?


Secure your browsing history, messages and other traffic against tracking from your internet service provider, marketers or government agencies


Create a secure connection by masking your online traffic to protect against hackers even when accessing the internet on public Wi-Fi


Hide your physical location by changing your IP address, keeping you safe and allowing you to access content not available in your country

What’s included?

  • 1. 50+ global servers
  • Choose from a variety of secure servers worldwide to fit your needs
  • 2. Secure encryption
  • We support advanced protocols such as OpenVPN, UDP/TCP, IKEv2 and PPTP
  • 3. High speed connection
  • Enjoy high speeds when streaming, gaming and downloading
  • 4. Unlimited bandwidth
  • We don’t track or log how much you use, so bandwidth is unlimited
  • 5. No logs
  • We keep no logs so retain no data regarding usage or connections
  • 6. Multiple connections
  • Up to 10 devices can simultaneously be connected to the same VPN

How does a VPN work?

A VPN service creates a digital tunnel between your device and the VPN server, which secures all the data you send and receive through the application of various encryption protocols.

When you access the internet, every piece of data you send or receive is first split into packets. The VPN service encapsulates each of these packets with a second, outer packet, which is then encrypted. This outer packet is what VPNs use to keep your data safe on its journey through the encrypted tunnel to and from their server.

What does the VPN server do?

When accessing a website through a VPN, your device will send out encrypted information through the tunnel to the VPN server. The server decrypts this information and hides your IP address before sending it onto the server of the website you are accessing.

The web server will then send information back to the VPN server, which will again encrypt it before sending it to you through your ISP (internet service provider), meaning they are unable to track or store the data passing through. When the encrypted information reaches your device, the VPN will decrypt it, and you can access the website as normal.

Without the VPN in this equation, your unencrypted info would go directly to the website’s server, and back to you through your ISP. This means you have little control over who can access, track, store or sell your information.

How does a VPN hide or change my IP address?

When your device is connected to a VPN, all your data will be sent through the VPN server. When this happens, your IP address will be hidden, and you will instead appear to have the IP address of the VPN server you are connected to.

If you wanted to access content from abroad - for example, a TV show which has not yet been released in your country - you would simply connect to a VPN which has an IP address located in a country where the show is accessible.

VPN (1-month)

  • 50+ global servers
  • Secure encryption
  • High speed connection
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Multiple connections

VPN (1-year)

  • 50+ global servers
  • Secure encryption
  • High speed connection
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Multiple connections